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Capture it

30 Oct


Four years into my Journalism major, one thing that has been embedded into my head is to document everyday life. Our surroundings are the most important tool. If we aren’t observant, we will miss out on what life’s about. If that doesn’t make sense hopefully this will help you out: Inspiration comes from everywhere, even class. Today, in photojournalism, the instructor (Dan Morrison = awesome) showed us a portrait of Picasso. It was done using a specific lighting technique that I must try out — I don’t know much about photography, but I know I will try to emulate that photo.

This blog will help me establish goals and my readers (that’s you) will make sure I keep to these goals.




1. Capture the world through my eyes.

2. Create my own photoshop brush set. These are unique ways to express your art and spread it to fellow designers via interweb. For examples click here.



21 Oct

If you’re art director for a magazine or ad agency, it is a necessity to know how to draw – or have friends who can.

As a designer, I know how important it is to have a handful of artistic friends. While working on the Oregon Voice, a student-run magazine, it was difficult to find illustrators for every article. We had a genius illustrator; however, her style was the same every time. I am now on the lookout – whenever I find a someone doodling on a napkin, I ask if there interested in publishing their work.

I recently befriended – not only an amazing illustrator, but also a great storyteller. FYI, she is extremely popular on the internet (check out her DeviantArt page and an equally popular fan group on DeviantArt.)

by BlackLillian

by BlackLillian

We need more art in life.

One of my goals this year is to buy a tablet and craft my artistic style.

Next time: Times… Helvetica… Arial…?

Why Blog?

20 Oct

Blogging is the pulsating blood that circulates throughout the world wide web; it’s what keeps the Internet beating. I have blogged before, I used to post my designs and other work, now I have new motivation: I want to contribute to the life stream of the internet, where I can inspire myself (and hopefully others too)

Expect art, design, magazine, photoshop, advertising, product design, indesign, the ongoing search for knowledge, stories (fiction and nonfiction), music, tennis, rants, Finding Nemo, words of wisdom, ipod, photography, The Beatles, Playstation, printer blocks,

I believe in… evolution, magic, a cure for AIDS, life beyond Helvetica, stumble upon, the big bang, life after love… ideas.

Birth of a star.

Birth of a star.