Why Blog?

20 Oct

Blogging is the pulsating blood that circulates throughout the world wide web; it’s what keeps the Internet beating. I have blogged before, I used to post my designs and other work, now I have new motivation: I want to contribute to the life stream of the internet, where I can inspire myself (and hopefully others too)

Expect art, design, magazine, photoshop, advertising, product design, indesign, the ongoing search for knowledge, stories (fiction and nonfiction), music, tennis, rants, Finding Nemo, words of wisdom, ipod, photography, The Beatles, Playstation, printer blocks,

I believe in… evolution, magic, a cure for AIDS, life beyond Helvetica, stumble upon, the big bang, life after love… ideas.

Birth of a star.

Birth of a star.

One Response to “Why Blog?”

  1. Seth October 24, 2008 at 1:29 AM #

    Aaw, what a loverly blog. I believe in ideas too =-)

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