21 Oct

If you’re art director for a magazine or ad agency, it is a necessity to know how to draw – or have friends who can.

As a designer, I know how important it is to have a handful of artistic friends. While working on the Oregon Voice, a student-run magazine, it was difficult to find illustrators for every article. We had a genius illustrator; however, her style was the same every time. I am now on the lookout – whenever I find a someone doodling on a napkin, I ask if there interested in publishing their work.

I recently befriended – not only an amazing illustrator, but also a great storyteller. FYI, she is extremely popular on the internet (check out her DeviantArt page and an equally popular fan group on DeviantArt.)

by BlackLillian

by BlackLillian

We need more art in life.

One of my goals this year is to buy a tablet and craft my artistic style.

Next time: Times… Helvetica… Arial…?

One Response to “Illustrate”

  1. californiasp101 November 14, 2008 at 9:23 PM #

    Art, Ads, and Magazines…

    I agree with your claim. The art is the most important role in a magazine and advertisement, so every company within these fields better have artists on their staff. But your argument is WEAK. You failed to answer WHY art is so important and WHY every magazine/ad company needs it. Therefore, you are not done with this blog. You need to expand it and answer the simple question WHY.

    But moving to the positive side, I love those illustrations that you’ve posted. They’re hypnotizing. My favorite one is the piece drawn by BlackLillian. The color palate is phenomenal, and the details has a unique style. However, this brings up another problem. I CAN’T CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE THESE DETAILS UP CLOSE.

    When I click on a photo, I expect to see it enlarged, and not the same size that it is presented to me. You need to fix this problem as well. You have a lot of work to do, but I like your blog overall.

    Your blog holds a lot of personality, and the fact that you brought up this issue of art in magazines show that you are thoughtful and full of ideas. Great job on the blog, but if you are going to tackle a controversial issue, then you need be passionate about it. Don’t just post it up to take up space.

    Sabrina P.

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