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O – Bama

10 Nov

When does a person become a brand?

Congrats, David Axelrod

for being named Marketer of the Year by AdAge.

If you didn’t know already David is Obama’s Chief Strategist



10 Nov

Can flavor be considered an element of design?



Today, my roommate Laurie were discussing what is design. She was concocting a meal containing brown rice, delicata squash, garlic, chanterelle mushrooms, onions, some thyme, and parsley. Making most of her meals from fresh and local ingredients, believes that flavor should be considered design. I quickly told her that was crazy. However, after reflecting on it more I realize that she has a point. A chef, like an art director, uses tools to create a collective work of art that acts in more ways than one. First, the meal has to be aesthetically pleasing. Second (and most importantly), it has to taste good.

I now believe that design can be more that just what we see, it includes all of our senses. We need to start considering all aspects of life. I am still working on defining design, but here is something to consider:

Anytime thought is taken into making something for the purpose of pleasing (or displeasing) someone, should and can be considered design.