An End or Beginning: Newspapers

18 Mar

March 17th, 2009 marks the day the Seattle Post-Intelligencer goes entirely online. As a brand group, newspapers are dieing. All media outlets are talking about it — even other newspapers (when it’s not about themselves). How can you take something that everyone thinks as a bad thing and make it a good thing. I want to march into the news room at the New York Times and say “let’s go all digital.” Of course, all the reporter and editors will be shocked and outraged, they won’t admit “failure.” When will they realize that online is not defeat, it’s opportunity.

Seattle PI

Above is a copy of the Seattle PI’s last cover. It looks like an obituary. Newspaper should have a new perspective on the internet and other sources of media, if not we will be seeing more pages similar to this around the country. Someone needs to be the leader and step up, I believe the only one who can do this successfully is the NYT. You must show your peers AND news “collecting” services, like google news, how to be a reliable, sustainable (economically, not environmentally, but they would be too because they wouldn’t use paper!), and entertaining.

If newspapers don’t accept the new technology, reporters will be out of a job and we will be without news all together. Don’t fail us old white men!


One Response to “An End or Beginning: Newspapers”

  1. Tuula March 19, 2009 at 6:45 PM #

    My god that is a depressing front page. You’re right on, Max.
    One thing: proofread. Please. Love you.

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