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Oregon New Ventre Championship

15 Apr

Just had an exciting weekend in Portland at the NVC event hosted by the UO Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship. The AHA team documented and took a break from worrying about the collateral for the event. The best take away of the event was understanding what happens in the business side of a brand. NVC welcome poster

The business school is pretty distant from the SOJC, both physical location and school of thought. Yet, beyond college these two must mix and work well together. One huge difference was how to present. The business presentations were structured exactly the same way — where in advertising, being difference gets you the job. The business teams always stressed the bottom line profit and initial investment — where the judges looked more for brand current and potential strength. The winners of the event were BYU with KT tape, they had a solid brand and made the other teams look like door to door salesmen.

Click here for photos I took of the event.

Article about on the NVC event.