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Book Art

30 Oct

You can’t judge a book by its cover (unless it’s a romance novel), but you can judge a library if it’s uninspiring and turns youth/non-readers away from its doors. All the libraries I’ve visited have been pretty boring and do wrong onto the books they keep. I have found pieces of art that can help boost a library in need.


This example I found from, it’s a book case that I think would be fun for a travel or American History section of a library.

What your read can make up who you are, but what makes up what you read? Check out this classic BBH sheep in the bookcase look:


Also, think outside the box with bookends.


The essence of libraries needs to be changed to encourage those who not only judge books by there cover, but won’t even go near a boring library. Thanks to the Kansas City Library, who is way ahead of the game with their wonderful facade:


Time to capture the power and imagination of books through art.