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Episodic Europe: London Planning

8 Mar

flickr: mostaque

Seth Baker and I are planning our adventure to Europe. We need help. I’m going to write a post for every major city we plan to visit and what we plan to do there. We would love to hear your input in where we should stay, what we should eat, what we should see, and anything else.

Today, we’d like to know a little about London because that is our first stop on our Episodic Europe adventure.

Here are our planned pit stops: Natural History Museum, The Tate, Science Museum, British Museum, V&A Museum, The London Eye, Big Ben, The Royal Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, Globe Theater, National Portrait Gallery

To our surprise, most of these places are free to visit. We love free things, should we expect museums to be free in Europe? Or is London just full of plundered treasures from around their old colonies. Please leave comments on your thoughts and ideas. Thank you.

flickr: J. A. Alcaide


Slides from Ignite Portland 8

4 Mar

As promised here are a full set of slides from my presentation:

Some takeaways of the night:

When you tell a joke people will laugh, even when you didn’t expect it. The Ignite Portland crowd is so great, when you plan to tell a funny story they will laugh,  a lot.

A serious topic < a serious topic done humorously.

Don’t be nervous. I was expecting to be nervous, but with the spot light on you, it feels like no ones there. The only recognition that other humans exist is their wonderful laughter.

People who aren’t in Portland will watch it. I got some great text from people as far as Texas and NYC who watched it from live stream.

Get to Ignite early. If it fills up they will NOT let you in…

When you have a great idea, tell it to the world.
Update: Video added to YouTube:

Ignite Portland 8

3 Mar

I am very excited. For tonight, I will be giving a talk entitled “How to be Unemployed” at Ignite Portland 8 at the Bagdad Theater starting at 7:00 PM. After the show I will post on here my complete set of slides. For now, here is a sneak preview: