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17 Jan

Some think it a symbol for the new economy, others confuse it with the new astrology sign.

Time to revive something that was great. The blog. This is going to be beautiful, smart, fun — it’s something you aren’t going to want to miss.

During my absence, I’ve visited the pubs of London, stayed with family in Amsterdam,  had a beer at a German Beer Garden, hiked the peaks of the Alps, soaked my feet in the Mediterranean, flew back to Oregon, perfected my marketable skills, got a job — scratch that, not a job, but an opportunity to go on an adventure. I’m working, no collaborating with geniuses to turn something great into something amazing. The ideas are now flowing once again and that can only me one thing: 2011 is going to be the best yet.

Within three weeks on at my part-time job, I went full-time. Within two months, got a promotion and raise. I attribute it all to innovation, persistence and being indispensable.

Do I hear an other Ignite talk in the future? Maybe, we’ll see.