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Thought Process: Don’t Settle For Greatness

24 Feb

No. I didn’t mean to write Don’t Settle For Less Than Greatness. What do I mean then by “Don’t Settle For Greatness”? I don’t really know, yet. This is my process in figuring out why settling for greatness what it seems.

Let’s break down the parts, starting with “greatness”. Well, defined by Webster it means “being fucking awesome,” which there isn’t anything better than “being fucking awesomeness”. Therefore by definition “greatness” is the highest level that one can achieve. So, this can’t be what’s wrong with settling for greatness. In some cases, “greatness” is subjective which can lead one astray from achieving true greatness, when in fact they’ve just achieved above average awesomeness. Maybe I am on to something.

“Settle” is the next logical word to look at. It means to live with your parents for an exorbitant amount of time with no plans of moving out. This is inherently not a good thing, unless is relates to true love, resulting in marriage. Maybe I have a problem with just “settling,” but I don’t think that is the case. Because if you tell someone not to settle with that janitorial job they picked up off of craigslist, then it becomes obvious settling in not the best option.

Back to “greatness.” Let’s look at those who’ve achieved greatness according to the most accurate of sources, Wikipedia: Winston Churchill, da Vinchi, Benjamin Franklin. They are all dead. So can you only be considered great when you’ve passed away. I think this is a big part of it. When looking at yourself and what you’ve accomplished and you’ve considered that you’ve achieved greatness, you might have not because again, greatness can be subjective. Only then when one has passed away or lived an extremely long life and their achievements have been able to be looked at under the academic microscope (and I’m sure thorough debate).

What I mean is greatness is determined after your long dead, so if you feel like you are in the presence of achieving “greatness” you are far from the fact.