MaxRadi Portfolio2_Page_1

I am… a creative strategist, visual storyteller, student, dreamer, duck enthusiast, brand advocate, mess manager, blogger, believer, teacher, tourist, admirer of manatees – but would not want to be one, brand tattoo artist, journalist, pacifist.

I have creativity locked up in my brain the size of the big bang, but currently searching for a key to unlock it – education is my locksmith.

Expect art, design, magazine, photoshop, advertising, product design, indesign, the ongoing search for knowledge, stories (fiction and nonfiction), music, tennis, rants, Finding Nemo, words of wisdom, ipod, photography, The Beatles, Playstation, printer blocks,

I believe in… evolution, magic, a cure for AIDS, life beyond Helvetica, stumble upon, the big bang, life after love… ideas.

That should rap it up for now.


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