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Thought Process: Don’t Settle For Greatness

24 Feb

No. I didn’t mean to write Don’t Settle For Less Than Greatness. What do I mean then by “Don’t Settle For Greatness”? I don’t really know, yet. This is my process in figuring out why settling for greatness what it seems.

Let’s break down the parts, starting with “greatness”. Well, defined by Webster it means “being fucking awesome,” which there isn’t anything better than “being fucking awesomeness”. Therefore by definition “greatness” is the highest level that one can achieve. So, this can’t be what’s wrong with settling for greatness. In some cases, “greatness” is subjective which can lead one astray from achieving true greatness, when in fact they’ve just achieved above average awesomeness. Maybe I am on to something.

“Settle” is the next logical word to look at. It means to live with your parents for an exorbitant amount of time with no plans of moving out. This is inherently not a good thing, unless is relates to true love, resulting in marriage. Maybe I have a problem with just “settling,” but I don’t think that is the case. Because if you tell someone not to settle with that janitorial job they picked up off of craigslist, then it becomes obvious settling in not the best option.

Back to “greatness.” Let’s look at those who’ve achieved greatness according to the most accurate of sources, Wikipedia: Winston Churchill, da Vinchi, Benjamin Franklin. They are all dead. So can you only be considered great when you’ve passed away. I think this is a big part of it. When looking at yourself and what you’ve accomplished and you’ve considered that you’ve achieved greatness, you might have not because again, greatness can be subjective. Only then when one has passed away or lived an extremely long life and their achievements have been able to be looked at under the academic microscope (and I’m sure thorough debate).

What I mean is greatness is determined after your long dead, so if you feel like you are in the presence of achieving “greatness” you are far from the fact.



17 Jan

Some think it a symbol for the new economy, others confuse it with the new astrology sign.

Time to revive something that was great. The blog. This is going to be beautiful, smart, fun — it’s something you aren’t going to want to miss.

During my absence, I’ve visited the pubs of London, stayed with family in Amsterdam,  had a beer at a German Beer Garden, hiked the peaks of the Alps, soaked my feet in the Mediterranean, flew back to Oregon, perfected my marketable skills, got a job — scratch that, not a job, but an opportunity to go on an adventure. I’m working, no collaborating with geniuses to turn something great into something amazing. The ideas are now flowing once again and that can only me one thing: 2011 is going to be the best yet.

Within three weeks on at my part-time job, I went full-time. Within two months, got a promotion and raise. I attribute it all to innovation, persistence and being indispensable.

Do I hear an other Ignite talk in the future? Maybe, we’ll see.

Slides from Ignite Portland 8

4 Mar

As promised here are a full set of slides from my presentation:

Some takeaways of the night:

When you tell a joke people will laugh, even when you didn’t expect it. The Ignite Portland crowd is so great, when you plan to tell a funny story they will laugh,  a lot.

A serious topic < a serious topic done humorously.

Don’t be nervous. I was expecting to be nervous, but with the spot light on you, it feels like no ones there. The only recognition that other humans exist is their wonderful laughter.

People who aren’t in Portland will watch it. I got some great text from people as far as Texas and NYC who watched it from live stream.

Get to Ignite early. If it fills up they will NOT let you in…

When you have a great idea, tell it to the world.
Update: Video added to YouTube:

Ignite Portland 8

3 Mar

I am very excited. For tonight, I will be giving a talk entitled “How to be Unemployed” at Ignite Portland 8 at the Bagdad Theater starting at 7:00 PM. After the show I will post on here my complete set of slides. For now, here is a sneak preview:

The Huffington Post agrees with me

22 Feb

Libraries are great and their architectural design is key to their individual success, not only in notability, but in getting people to read books.

Click here to read the article.

The Canadian Library of Parliament in Ottawa

Book Art

30 Oct

You can’t judge a book by its cover (unless it’s a romance novel), but you can judge a library if it’s uninspiring and turns youth/non-readers away from its doors. All the libraries I’ve visited have been pretty boring and do wrong onto the books they keep. I have found pieces of art that can help boost a library in need.


This example I found from, it’s a book case that I think would be fun for a travel or American History section of a library.

What your read can make up who you are, but what makes up what you read? Check out this classic BBH sheep in the bookcase look:


Also, think outside the box with bookends.


The essence of libraries needs to be changed to encourage those who not only judge books by there cover, but won’t even go near a boring library. Thanks to the Kansas City Library, who is way ahead of the game with their wonderful facade:


Time to capture the power and imagination of books through art.

Lunch with Ashly

2 Jul

I just had lunch with Ashly Stewart, who is interning at ID Branding across the street from Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse.

We discussed branding/strategy, but also reminisced about school (even though it’s been less than a month since graduation).

Ashley documenting Portland

She’s still documenting everything from even the street of Portland.