So you think you’re funny

17 Feb

People laugh in such unique ways. Once they start laughing, you start laughing — even if you don’t think what they started laughing at was funny in the first place.

Julia Child and David Letterman

They start laughing towards the end.

Dr. Evil

Fran Dresher

A baby


10 Gifts for Graphic Designers

13 Nov

With Christmas coming soon, I thought I’d make a list of things that would help spur creativity for any creative. This list is in no particular order.

10. Helvetica

You can get the typeface or the movie. Designers will enjoy either one.



9. Moleskin

moleskin8. Sharpies

Any size, any color.

7. Color Pencils



6. Mugs for our Coffee

It’s hard to get up in the morning.


5. Typeography t-shirt.

Buy a type t-shirt or even a framed type print.

view14. Printer Blocks.


3. Run away alarm clock.

Did I mention it’s hard to wake up in the morning.

2. Apple’s Magic Mouse:

Anything apple will be a hit.

1. Wacom Tablet


Book Art

30 Oct

You can’t judge a book by its cover (unless it’s a romance novel), but you can judge a library if it’s uninspiring and turns youth/non-readers away from its doors. All the libraries I’ve visited have been pretty boring and do wrong onto the books they keep. I have found pieces of art that can help boost a library in need.


This example I found from, it’s a book case that I think would be fun for a travel or American History section of a library.

What your read can make up who you are, but what makes up what you read? Check out this classic BBH sheep in the bookcase look:


Also, think outside the box with bookends.


The essence of libraries needs to be changed to encourage those who not only judge books by there cover, but won’t even go near a boring library. Thanks to the Kansas City Library, who is way ahead of the game with their wonderful facade:


Time to capture the power and imagination of books through art.

Lunch with Ashly

2 Jul

I just had lunch with Ashly Stewart, who is interning at ID Branding across the street from Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse.

We discussed branding/strategy, but also reminisced about school (even though it’s been less than a month since graduation).

Ashley documenting Portland

She’s still documenting everything from even the street of Portland.

How to Entertain Yourself

5 Jun

How-to entertain yourselfHow-to entertain yourself2How-to entertain yourself3How-to entertain yourself6How-to entertain yourself5

Truth About Wolves

5 Jun

Defenders of Wildlife 1

Defenders of Wildlife 2

Defenders of Wildlife 3

Defenders of Wildlife 4

NYC One Show

2 Jun

After being selected to present our Long’s Horseradish campaign at the One Show 2009 Client Pitch Competition, it was time to buy a plane ticket.

One of the best perks of the trip was booking a room at the Ace Hotel; however, it wasn’t open so instead they set us up at the swanky Hudson Hotel. There was no way any of us could normally afford it, that Ace for paying the difference.Central Park

David and map

It was a great opportunity to enjoy the city with people I love to hang out with. We found a city strange enough for even our motley group.

Navigating the subways and streets was one of my favorite parts, it even became a challenge when my trusted BlackBerry lost service underground.

During the portfolio review, I gained insight in what my peers were doing when introduced to the same difficulties that occur when putting a portfolio together.

Thursday, Rachel Hom, Megan Nuttall, and I presented our Long’s pitch. I could have been more pleased with how it turned out and it was great to have the support of our Oregon friends there. Not being select for the pencil was not a big deal, we learned a lot from our experience of branding horseradish.

My take aways from the trip were: great work = great ideas, enjoy life 100% of the time, I have an awesome group of supporters, friends, dance partners.

Check out this flip video of Tyler beatboxing with the Naked Cowboy and click here for another video by Kristin Vanderburgh of the trip.