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Henry Weinhard’s Campaign

31 May

Partners: Nicole Schultz

Our process began with our initial concept of Experience Portland. We believe Weinhard’s local roots to the city and Northwest attributes will create loyal brand advocates.



Using the variety of sodas (Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Black Cherry, and Orange Cream), we took the brand to the next level: we attributed the soda with distinct personality types of the Northwest.

Root Beer: outdoorsy-bear-wrestling-hiker, Vanilla Cream: Pearl-District-yoga-enthusiast, Black Cherry: self-proclaimed-Hawthorne-hipster, and Orange Cream: nautical-salmon-loving-AARP-member.


Final Excecutions

The next step we took in the Weinhard’s campaign was connecting the soda to distinct places in Portland. The people of Portland are already advocates for where they live, by introducing each soda to distinct areas of Portland, we in turn create distinct advocates for the sodas.Henrys 5.31

For furture gowth, taking the concept :Experience Portland” to the next level. We want Henry’s be more Portland-y and Northwest-y by using music and the Northwest green awareness. By taking Henry’s to local music venues and festivals, each soda can have its own flavor or genre of music. For example, Black Cherry would attend The Manimals concert at the Crystal Ballroom, we create a following of The Manimals‘ fans that have an affiliation with the soda that is beyond flavor or taste.Bottle Refilling

In order to be green, Henry’s would go back to the roots of soda distribution by creating bottle refilling centers. Instead of recycling a bottle, Henry’s will go up the green pyramid by reusing bottles. The Northwest is know for being a leader in green, Weinhard’s needs to reflect that leadership. We would introduce the bottle refilling centers at the local music venues and from there establish centers around the Northwest.


Why Blog?

20 Oct

Blogging is the pulsating blood that circulates throughout the world wide web; it’s what keeps the Internet beating. I have blogged before, I used to post my designs and other work, now I have new motivation: I want to contribute to the life stream of the internet, where I can inspire myself (and hopefully others too)

Expect art, design, magazine, photoshop, advertising, product design, indesign, the ongoing search for knowledge, stories (fiction and nonfiction), music, tennis, rants, Finding Nemo, words of wisdom, ipod, photography, The Beatles, Playstation, printer blocks,

I believe in… evolution, magic, a cure for AIDS, life beyond Helvetica, stumble upon, the big bang, life after love… ideas.

Birth of a star.

Birth of a star.