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Conservation of Objective Reality

18 Mar

Descartes once said an idea can only be as wonderful as the person who created it. Of course, he was a philosopher so he said it in about three pages. I subscribe to his belief about ideas because I have seen really great ideas and the people who always generate them are beautiful (inside and outside) people. I plan on developing not only my idea process, but also my being. It’s important to remember your own self while working/studying, the reason why you should be doing the things you love is to better yourself and those around you.

Goodness generates good ideas.

More on Descartes, here is the Cliff Notes version:brains

“The Meditator asserts that no effect can have a greater amount of reality than its cause. That is, everything that comes into being must be made to be by something that has an equal or greater amount of reality. For instance, a stone can be made by chipping off a larger piece of rock, since the larger rock has more reality, but a stone cannot be made out of a color, since a stone has more reality than a color. The Meditator also suggests that an idea can only be caused by something that has as much formal reality as the idea has objective reality. The idea of a stone, then, could be caused by a stone or a large rock but it could not be caused by a color. The Meditator grants that ideas can be caused by other ideas, but that there must ultimately be something more than an idea that is the cause of these ideas. The first cause of an idea must be something with at least as much formal reality as the idea has objective reality.”

Click here for the long Cliff Notes version.

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